Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some assembly required...

Due to a mutiny among the ranks (Emily, my back, Matt) it was decided that we should purchase a wheeled hose reel to control the evil, willful hoses, and reduce the amount of hatred we feel towards them to a dull hiss as we drag them around the garden. Ugh.

Being the risk-averse shopper that I am, I questioned the posters on the GardenWeb forums, and perused, reading many reviews. I finally settled on the Liberty Garden Products 880-2 Industrial 2 Wheel Solid Garden Hose Reel Cart, which comes in a color called "Bronze" but now that it has arrived can best be described as "darkish yuck."

Needless to say, it arrived in many pieces in a giant box, along with a detailed-ish instruction manual 8 pages long with dark and unrecognizable photos of the pertinent parts, and several additional pieces of paper amending the instructions with caveats and corrections.

I'm quite proud that I figured out that the plumber's tape on one threaded part was too long, and managed to Google correct application and use all on my own. And hey presto - the finished cart is sitting in the kitchen, only needing a few bolts to be wrenched tight and the tires inflated to 30 psi by some magic... (aka Matt)

Inspired by free supersaver shipping, I also got an additional 100' long hose (the highly rated Gilmour Flexogen Hose - long gone are the days when "cheap" and "hose" appear together in the "good" category in my mind) and a charming orange Dramm ColorStorm 9-Pattern Premium Turret Sprinkler With Heavy Duty Metal Base to create clever sprinkled water patterns in the beds. Last, but certainly not least, I got a three pack of Valterra Products, Inc. W1526VP Yellow Garden Hose Washer with Screen because if I have to take one more sprinkler/wand/other watering device home to disassemble because someone (not me, haha!) forgot to flush the hose or otherwise let dirt into them to clog up all the spraying parts, I will pitch a fit.

That is all!

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