Thursday, July 22, 2010


I popped over to the garden at lunchtime today to eat my sandwich. Noticed a few new plants looking a bit wilty, so I watered them (mostly the Nicotiana and Scabiosas) and took a few photos.

We have an Arctotis "The Ravers: Unmellow Yellow" at the top. I planted three in the front border and they were a bit sprawly from the start, unlike the nice bushy one on the cactus wall. Still, you can't beat that color with a stick!

Next there is a very plush Verbascum (which one? I went on a Verbascum spree recently and now I don't remember who is who)  which looks like it's about to shoot up a massive flower spike. Hurrah! It means the end of this plant, but what a finale - well worth the loss. And perhaps we wil get some seedlings?

After that we have the orange-yellow rose, name unknown, but, for a rose, fairly well-behaved at Pennsylvania Garden.  In other words, it only requires water, deadheading, defoliation, spraying with chemicals, pruning and so on about once a month... It only gets infested with aphids and blackspot occasionally, and flowers almost all the time to make up for it.

Gah - now that I type all that out I realize what a pain in the butt roses are. And we have three! It's possible that one day I will take a mad fit and remove them... but when I think of that I remember their lovely scented flowers and I stop myself. *sigh*

I also noticed many large Yucca cuttings left in the garden. Channing donated them and John delivered them. Oh, thank you both! They are superb!


  1. Akk! The roses must go! Too much fuss- spraying, pruning, deadheading, more spraying. Too high maintenance, and too many chemicals involved!

  2. Roses are just too much work and too many chemicals, unless the right one is in the right place. I don't know enough about them to make the right selection. If they need that much care for that many pests, they're in the wrong garden! Oh, I think my last comment was on Andrew's google account instead of mine. Oops!


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