Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hands + hands + hands + hands = light work

Or... many hands makes light work! Once again this equation was proven when Leanne, Miyuki, Arum and I met at the Mariposa Center Garden last night to water it throughly, and plant 12 Verbena bonariensis (Tall Verbena) and about 9 Echium candicans "Pride of Madeira."

Now, aside from the gap in the fence where the homeless people get down to the train tracks, we have everything planted. I've called Amtrak and Caltrain four times now in an effort to get that hole closed, and nothing ever comes of it. I'll keep trying though!

It took about an hour to plant everything, water three wheelbarrow loads of jugs, and put everything away after refilling the jugs again for the Wednesday night watering crew. And we weren't exactly rushing! If I was doing it alone it would have taken me hours, so thanks guys: much appreciated!

In the next three weeks we'll be watering this garden 2-3 times per week to get the newbies established. Luckily they are plants that love a hot, dry spot so they will no doubt fit right in and take off like rockets.

Photos show (top to bottom) Miyuki planting soem Echiums, Leanne wheeling water, and Miyuki, Leanne and Arum sitting on the bench-like coffee-table-ish thing that someone (thanks a lot whoever you are!) dumped in the garden recently. Got to dispose of that somehow...

After all that I went over to Emily's and we worked on some paperwork for two new grants for the SPUR (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) and P. Garden projects.  Busy busy busy...

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