Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out with the old

The corn marigolds (Chrysanthemum segetum) are done for the year, and I spent from 4pm-8pm yesterday ripping them out of the front border. 5 wheelbarrows full! Now we have a rather sparse look there (see pic.) - the Agapanthus are doing great, and the Gazanias and Artemisias are fine (pruned the latter) but in between them we need something compact, upright (about 18"-24" tall) and drought tolerant.

I had this same problem last year - the Gaillardias get all long and floppy and cover the Gazanias. I planted Salvia "Blue Victoria" and Achillea "Cerise Queen" but they both got crowded out by rampant corn marigolds, and only one Salvia survived. The Achilleas are there but looking wimpy. Both species get mildewed if they don't have a bit of air around them. The three Arctotis I planted acted a bit sprawly too. Gah!

I also watered with the new oscillating sprinkler I bought last week. It's great! You only need half water pressure to get a massive arc that covers most of the left bed in one go - and that's an area that doesn't get watered by the timed sprinklers, so it's great news.

Matt spent hours propagating new plants for the sale on October 16th. We have a great collection of succulents that'll be ready for that sale - they were very popular at the last sale so we have high hopes.

We also met a lady who was walking in the garden with her granddaughter. Carolyn visits SF from Pennsylvania (the actual state, not the street!) often, and enjoys the flowers. So much that she brought us a nice cash donation! Thank you Carolyn!

I got a new iPhone and it has a much better camera. I'm excited to post better pics. Take, for example, the photos shown here. A black ladybug on a cardoon bud with a red "comma" marking, and a closeup of cardoon flower.

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