Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's plant an urban forest!

Friends of the Urban Forest are coming to the 'hood! We hope to work with them on the 17th and Pennsylvania Urban Renewal (SPUR) project to line the 100 block of Penn Ave with trees. Our cost will be $75 per tree which we hope to fund with grants.

But what about the 200 block, you ask?

Currently there are Callery Pear trees (Pyrus calleryana) alongside the lofts on the west side, and a few other trees further south, up the block on the same side. But nothing on the east side of the block at all. In fact, it's rather awful over there... asphalt sidewalk, grafitti, yuck...

If you are interested in planting trees on that side of the street, the cost is $75 per tree. They bring a tree, cut the sidewalk for you, and help you plant it and stake it and give you all sorts of help. Believe me, this is a deal!

Want to know more? Contact FUF at the above link, or, better yet, come to the community meeting at Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous (the new ice cream shop on 3rd Street) at 4pm on Saturday July 17th.

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