Friday, July 23, 2010

Minister of Propagation

Matt, the self-proclaimed Minister of Propagation, has been spending countless hours recently potting up plants for the next plant sale on October 16th (that's right - pick up a red pen and go striaght to your calendars, people!)  He's got dozens of 1 gallon pots of many of the garden's favorites cooking away already: various Aloes, Agaves, grasses, Clivias, Echeverias, Cotyledons, Sedums, Plectranthus, Aeoniums, Brugmansias, Fuchsias, Pelargoniums, Sanseverias, Salvias and so on and on. And today he's taking them all up to Mendocino to his dad's massive greenhouse to grow on for the summer.Yay - less watering for us to do!

I have to say, I think the next plant sale is going to be really good. We propagated many of the plants people asked for at the last sale, and ones people always ask about in the garden. And they're going to all be bigger specimens too!

Many people donated plants for the last sale, which was a massive help. If you have plants for the next one, let us know now: we are accepting donations up to 2 weeks before the sale - after that we don't have enough time to inventory and label them.

While we were selecting plants for the Mendocino trip this morning, I took pics of a flowering cactus in the garden (above) - pretty cool! Apparently it's an Echinopsis spachiana (Golden Torch Cereus).

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