Thursday, July 1, 2010

Late but not forgotten

Right off, just let me say that.......I was the flower stealer! I'm not as evil as Dr. Porkchop (see shameless promotion of Pixar to the left). Susie, who runs the Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb Gardens ( visited our garden with the innocent intent to clip a small bouquet that would be featured in her blog on about Pennsylvania Garden. It was totally Annie sanctioned for public relations purposes!

However, I did leave the garden hose in quite a tangle on Tuesday, so Annie, sorry about that. I am a bad person.

So that was Monday...on to the work of Tuesday. I was able to plant a new group of Dietes at the Mariposa Center Garden and watered all of the plants there and refilled the milk jugs. The Lupines and Eriogonum (Buckwheats) are just starting to flower, so look closely! I watered all of the special needs plants at the Pennsylvania Garden (think Dahlias, Knautia, Nicotiana, Rosa, the list goes on) and the left bed. I also put in a bunch of new Zinnia seedlings along the front of the red bed - so watch out, they are marked with yellow flags. I also attempted to stake up the giant lilies in the red bed.

There was also much pruning back of things (including the Canna) and general weeding while I moved the hose around.

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  1. Hah! Well all I can say is "thanks!" to sharp-eyed Jon who sent me an email about the flower-thievery he witnessed.


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