Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy, busy, busy, work, work, work

Today Emily, Matt and I convened at ultra-fresh new spot Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous for ice cream and a meeting with Friends of the Urban Forest. They're planning to plant trees in our area, and they need to coordinate with the locals to get it done. Just so happens we need 30 trees planted on the 100 block of Penn Ave, so that's convenient! (Do you want a tree in front of your place? Let us know!)

After that we went to the garden. What did we get done? In 3+ hours we did the following:

Planted 4 Achillea "Red Velvet" and 6 Achillea "Feuerland" in the red bed.
Watered just about everything.
Replanted a Cordyline.
Planted a Salvia apiana (White Sage) and a Lupinus arboreus (Yellow Bush Lupine) and rearranged a Nassella tenuissima (Mexican Feather Grass) and an Oenothera of unknown species in the left bed.
Removed two clumps of Dianella tasmanica.
Planted half a dozen Gazanias along the front border.
Planted three Achillea tomentosa (Woolly Yarrow) along the steps.
Deadheaded lots of Arctotis and Gazanias,
Pondered the red bed and it's deficiencies and how to remedy them.
Removed corn marigolds from the Wrong Way sign area, edged the spot in pavers, and planted half a dozen Calandrinia grandiflora (Rock Purslane) there.

Gosh that's a lot of work: 9 person hours of kicking ass! A glass of Belle Glos pinot noir from Monterey for me and a Corona for Matt, I think.

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