Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July plant shopping!

I was up in Mendocino over the holiday weekend, and one of the places I usually visit while there is Digging Dog Nursery. Naturally this resulted in some purchases...

4 Santolina chamaecyparissus "Nana" (Gray Santolina, Lavender Cotton)
2 Helianthemum nummularium "Wisley Princess" (Sunrose)
2 Helianthemum nummularium "St Mary" (St. Mary's Sunrose)
Eryngium yuccifolium (Rattlesnake Master, Button Snakeroot)
Monarda didyma "Jacob Kline" (Beebalm)
3 Oenothera stricta (Chilean Evening Primrose)
I was on a mission to stabilize the slope by the steps, and I think the Santolinas with their cute yellow button flowers and the white and primrose Helianthemums will do a great job in the roasting heat there, filling in between the miniature thymes right by the steps, the yellow Sisyrinchium californicum (Yellow Eyed Grass) and the taller Achilleas further away. They will also be in keeping with the white/silver/yellow theme of the area!
When we got home we planted them right away, as you can see from the pics. I removed the four Alpine strawberries by the steps: they were looking ratty and water-hungry, and the area is so hot and dry that without a lot of babying they will never look lush again. Into pots they go, to be preened for the plant sale!
The whole area of the steps is quite fragile right now - feet and paws going off the steps can easily damage things there, and watering must be done ever so gently, using the sprinkler and not a wand, for fear of runoff and erosion.
The Oenotheras we got are a tall version from Chile which we'll plant in a group in the left bed. We have a nice collection of Oenotheras now. The Eryngium might have been a mistake - we came to find out later that it likes to stay moist. Oops! Might have to keep it in a pot at home. The Monarda can tolerate a bit of drought but I'll plant it by a sprinkler anyway - the red color was so awesome I just couldn't pass it up. This one will live in the red bed.

Edited to add: I noticed that someone has removed all the Vinca from the back border! Hurrah! They also watered anumber of beds nice and deeply. I later figured out it was Miyuki and Nick: thanks guys :)

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