Tuesday, July 27, 2010


John, Matt and I had procured some cactus cuttings recently, and I was looking for a spot to pot them where they wouldn't fall on someone and turn them into kebabs. The other day I met Steve from Regent's Cab on The Hill, and with almost clairvoyant perception, Steve offered his parking lot just down the street to stash the evil cacti just before I asked him for that exact favor!

Tonight, we took him up on that offer and loaded the couple dozen plus cactus parts into John's truck and drove them down to the parking lot, along with dirt and pots.

Moving cacti this big is like moving a body (I imagine!) - you do it quickly, gingerly, and constantly think "damn - this is heavy!"

Covered in 3" long spikes, they are pretty dangerous. One of them stabbed John in the leg! We did manage to get them sorted out in remarkably little time though, and I was very grateful for the help. Let's face it - this is not a job I could do alone!

I went back to the garden after that and finished up my watering, logging another 3 hours of gardening in total. Pics show the first set we tied to the fence, then the additional cuttings all potted and ready to go. And, of course, the guys!

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