Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pots galore!

Matt has been buying 1 gallon plant pots for $0.99 each recently, to propagate plants in for the next sale (October 16th people!) but that's way too much to spend. I sourced some online that came to about $0.33 with shipping for 100, but then our good friend John let us in to a secret: Berkely Horticultural Nursery sells them for $0.05 each, and 5 gallon pots for $0.20!

I drove over there today with Melissa and asked an employee where to find them. He pointed to the pots and then tipped me off that very often there's a pile of unwashed ones just outside their back gate. For FREE!

We nipped out there and came across a bonanza of pots! We loaded the car up and I've just spent an hour washing them. I think we have about 150 1 gallons, 100 4" pots, and several assorted large ones up to 15 gallons.


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