Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planting session

Emily and I went out to plant our weekend haul this evening at 6pm. One of the things about weekday evening planting is that a lot of people walk their dogs and chat  at that time of night, so we enjoyed some idle banter with Gina and Tank, Jim, Carrie and Kelly, and Donna and her two dogs (thanks for the donation!)

We did manage to plant a few things too!

3 Scabiosa atropurpurea "Ace of Spades" - these are awesome! (Left, in front of the yellow lupine)
1 Crassula coccinea in the Moby Dick bed.
1 Agastache pallida x rugosa "Globetrotter" in the front border.
1 Aquilegia chyrsantha "Yellow Queen" in the left bed to replace the stolen one. Sniff. (Left, in front of a Mexican feather grass)
1 Nicotiana alata x sanderae "Crimson Bedder" in the red bed.
2 Knautia macedonica in the red bed - also moved another from the left bed to join them. Also awesome. (Below, on the corner by the bench that has been looking ratty for a while)
3 Pericallis lanata by the bench.

We watered too. Man, I am sick of hauling that hose around! In order to reduce hose time, I told Emily we are calling a moratorium on new plants and moving plants until the fall rains come, like sensible people. Of course we need new stuff for the front border but after THAT...! Nnnnngh!

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