Monday, December 1, 2008


Building a garden takes a lot of sweat, and a bit of money too! Here's a list of things we need:

If you have plants you would like to donate to the garden, email me at djxjs at yahoo dot com. We can use plants for sun and shade, but they should be drought-tolerant once established. Trees and edible plants are not allowed per Caltrans rules.

We need gardening tools, rebar for staking, compost, gloves, mulch, decorative rocks, pea gravel, sand, landscaping timbers... the list never ends! Got something you don't need? Email and let us know!

Some people have asked if they can donate money. That would be great - so far it's been a somewhat expensive labor of love. If you'd like to help out, you can PayPal us at djxjs at yahoo dot com, or email that address if you prefer to send a check.

Thank you
The garden would not be what it is without our generous donors, and you can be sure anything you give will help the garden to be enjoyed by a great number of humans and animals. :) Please see the link Thank You Sponsors on the right of the site!
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