Monday, December 8, 2008

What about dogs?

It has occurred to me that maybe dog owners are worried that they will have nowhere to walk their dogs if we plant the whole garden up. And since the dog poop/trash container has been removed, is the whole street and garden going to fill with poop?

Well gardens without dogs are no fun - I planned to leave the entire back area on top of the hill plant free for dogs, as well as the area by the Favorite Peeing Stump at the front. I doubt anyone lets their dogs loose there for a run, due to proximity to the freeway and no fences, so that ought to work for everyone.

There sure is a lot of dog poop on the area - it smells pretty bad, and there are flies. Several people have suggested installing a post with biodegradable dog poop bags on a holder. Great idea! Hopefully if we (someone? you?) installs one, dog owners will use the bags, and refill them. Oh, and I bet the plants would prefer not to be peed on ;)

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