Friday, December 19, 2008

New plants, and compost on the way!

Last night we drove out to Glen Park to get some free phormiums that were being given away on craigslist by professional gardener Leah. I'm so excited to have some tenacious, spiky, fast-growing phormiums - if they behave as they're supposed to they should make a big impact! Leah was kind enough to give me about a dozen bare rooted specimens, and some potted ones, and I've covered their roots in mulch til I can plant them tomorrow. Come on phormiums - you can make it! Thank you, Leah.

Also exciting is another craigslist posting I saw advertising free organic compost - delivered! I got on the phone with Sanjay from and he said his guys will deliver a dump truck of the good stuff next Wednesday. I will need to direct the truck and will end up with a big mound of it, which of course will be backbreaking to dig in, but well worth it. If anyone needs some for their garden let me know - I can get extra.

Does anyone want to help plant phormiums, or daffodil bulbs on Saturday morning? Let me know!

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