Sunday, December 14, 2008

Storm's a-comin'!

Yesterday we went out and planted the following, kindly donated by Mark from Oakland:

12 Dietes bicolor
6 Agapanthus praecox
2 Crassula ovata (Jade Plant)
2 aloes and several assorted other unidentified succulents which Matt made into a rock garden involving some lumps of concrete and sandy soil dug from the only non-clay patch on the plot.
1 vine which I couldn't identify and am not sure will make it as it had a slight accident being removed from it's pot. Sorry, little vine :(

Mark also gave us 2 small oak trees and lots of spider plants which are in the house right now. I'm worried that the trees will be removed by CalTrans as they specified "no tree planting" but there are a few short trees on the plot so...? The spider plants are having all their babies removed and planted in potting compost today, so we'll have loads of them. Thanks Mark!

We also planted about 50 daffodil bulbs in trenches in various areas, added mulch to the Princess tree, watered, and noticed that homeless people hop the fence from the railway tracks at the back of the lot. Anyone got some barbed wire?

Today it's raining in a persistent, icy, miserable way... we are supposed to be out there putting more daffs in but for once in my life staying in and doing some ironing is actually appealing... *shudder*

Pics to come when I take them. Which will be after the rain...


  1. Post when you're going out next and we'll come help! Love what you're doing.

    Meanwhile, waiting on the rain to end.

  2. Cool, I will - maybe next weekend. Hope it rains a lot the next couple days: carrying buckets of water across the street is a pain! ;)


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