Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In which I am rewarded for my efforts

I got a late start today, but made it out around 4pm for the last hour of light, determined to plant the last of the cannas and the jasmine that has been driven around in the car since Saturday. The cannas went behind the sign forbidding people from entering the freeway the wrong way, and the Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) went at the "entrance" to the garden, hopefully to bring a lovely scent to that area soon.

As I was pondering the patch of sandy earth I was digging for the cannas (the dirt ranges from regular soil, to rocky clay, to pure sand in some areas... construction dump?) a friendly lady with a Golden Retriever dropped by and we chatted about gardening, and dog rescue (hers was young, gorgeous, perfectly behaved, and a rescue.) She was keen to point out she'd be removing the dog poop, and thanked me for my work. I was chuffed!

Then came Annelle, who is the wife of Gary of Brickley Production Services. She brought two cups of Anna's cookies and chocolates and I am in heaven right now eating them - it has been many years since I've had these delicious butter cookies! Sadly/happily Matt was not there to collect his reward, so if you are reading this Matt, they were yummy... early bird/worm and all that! ;) Annelle and I chatted about horses in Golden Gate Park, homeless encampments and dogs, and I felt very encouraged by her.

Got everything planted with renewed conviction. Then realized there are 120 crocus bulbs and about the same number of daffs still to be done. Tomorrow!

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