Saturday, December 20, 2008

P. Garden gets an assist!

(Please note today's post title is a sporting reference that may be totally inappropriate to the situation, but I'm trying to interest the sports fans here!)

Today Matt and I went out in the lovely sun to plant the phormiums we got this week. Shortly after doing some watering Matt had to leave for his softball game, so I was going it alone. Suddenly I saw three people walking across the street with *gasp!* shovels... Were they rival gardeners itching for a spade fight? City employees come to turf us out? Nope. They were Barbara, Sage and Elijah who had seen our work from their apartment right across from the plot, felt sorry for us in the rain last week, and came to help today.

In no time they had planted maybe 8 Phormium tenax, watered them in, and rallied again to dig some trenches for daffodils (Narcissus). I am so happy they dropped by and "mucked in" - without getting sappy and sentimental this is a nice little slice of community action, and finally I am getting to meet my cool neighbors. Thank you for your cheerful help today, guys!

Tomorrow should bring rain. Good - I am soooo over dragging buckets from our apartment!

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