Sunday, December 21, 2008

Waterproof is a relative term, apparently

Today I discovered that some of my garments labeled "waterproof" are merely toying with me.

For example:
Riding coat: used to be waterproof, but not any longer. Evil.
Barn boots: still waterproof!
Jeans: never claimed to be waterproof... stop picking on them!
Atlas gloves: rubber on the palm side, but "breathable" on the other. Net result: not waterproof.
Fleece: hah... more like "sponge"
Tee shirt under it all: as above, but cold and clammy.
Socks: protected by boots, but no doubt dying to stick it to me and be wet and clammy at the first opportunity.

So I got soggy putting the cannas in, and by the time the Lowes haul was planted I was beyond wet. I made some rash decisions regarding plant placement due to aforementioned clothing conspiracy. Matt arrived a tad later and helped me, and our neighbors Barbara, Sage and Elijah dropped by to point and laugh at us (just kidding ;) )

Just the star jasmine and crocus bulbs remain to be planted; I'll do that next week.

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