Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank You Sponsors!

I've created this page to give thanks to all the people who have helped make Pennsylvania Garden what it is through their contributions of time, money, skill, plants and support. If I have missed anyone, I'm mortified! Please let me know so I can add you to the list.

• Kylie
• Dani W.
• Amy St.C
• Maria
• Josh S.
• Anna S.
• Channing H.
• Daniel S. (Canada)
• Patrick M.
• Alison and Rick
• Tim S.
• Bill of Beronio Lumber
• Max D.
• Amar P.
• Emily G.
• Jess, Adolfo and Sophia
• Lloyd & Marla G. (El Cerrito)
• Mandy and Bandit
• Steve L. of
• Jared (Pacifica)
• Julia C. (Berkeley)
• Shanti B. and Skip (Mendocino)
• Kendrick P. and Diana (Mendocino)
• Mark (Oakland)
• Anne G. (Pacifica)
• David, Julia, Mara and family
• Kepa A. of Studio Askenasy
• Deborah C. (Oakland)
• Emma T.
• Sage, Barabara and Elisha B.
• Max D. and Denise H.
• John P. and Harold
Leah R. - arborist
• Joan B.
• Erin C.
• Jessica D. and Jeff M. of Caltrans
• Dorothy, Doug and Bella of Alterpop
• Gary and Annelle of Brickley Production Services
• Ron, Gina and Tank of Iron Maverick

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