Sunday, December 7, 2008

Got garden?

I live on Pennsylvania Avenue with my boyfriend Matt. We have no garden, which is a bit sad. The patch of land that the Mariposa St exit curves around is up the street from us, and we though it would be an ideal spot to plant a few things on. It gets full sun, is in warm Potrero Hill, and the Department of Public Works shows up annually and just mulches the tar out of it.

I emailed DPW, and they said getting a permit from CalTrans who owns the land could take months or even years. But the woman I spoke to told me to just go ahead and plant stuff (no trees) and she would tell the works guys to keep an eye out and try not to demolish them... but it's at our own risk!

Yesterday I found myself at the Strybing Arboretum plant sale... everything half off! I went into a plant buying frenzy, and with the help of the friendly volunteers came home with a car full of plants for just $35! When they found out where I was planting them, they gave me a big discount and lots of encouragement - I'll be going back there, for sure!

The plants I got were (after dividing some of them up):

4 Dietes
8 Agapanthus
3 Hakea suaveolens
3 Kunzea baxterii
1 Coprosma australis (variegated)
2 Geranium maderense
3 Ceanothus "King Sip" (ground covering/low)
2 Geranium macrorhizum
2 Dianella Tasmanica
1 Aeonium

Next post: the planting adventure begins...

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