Monday, February 13, 2023

Garden Conservancy Open Days

We're featured in the Garden Conservancy's Open Days program!  The mission of The Garden Conservancy is to "preserve, share, and celebrate America's gardens and diverse gardening traditions for the education and inspiration of the public."

During their Open Days you can tour private gardens and hidden gems all over the USA. A little about the open days from their website:

Fueling America’s passion for gardens, The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program annually celebrates the country’s most exciting, creative, and innovative private gardens. Open Days is made up of a nationwide community of gardeners and garden enthusiasts teaching and inspiring each other and the public. From expert to novice, there is no better way to improve as a gardener than by experiencing a diverse range of gardens, and gardening traditions, firsthand. 

You can get tickets to the private gardens on their website, but of course our garden is always open, and always free. When's the last time you visited? Drop by and see what's up!

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