Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Planting more plants

Mikey and Andrew
Our last volunteer day looked like it was going to be a bit rough. Matt and I had been at an event the night before and felt, shall we say, slightly furry around the edges? Anyway, we pressed on.

Our plan was to work on PRG, and we loaded up and headed there. Happily we had some great volunteers to get us focused, the sun was shining beautifully, and we planted lots of plants, which is always fun!

Yannicka and Harley
Yannicka and her sweet doggo Harley joined for pathway weeding, and Mikey and his friend Andrew worked to remove a large Agave that had flowered, as well as helping my efforts to cut back fennel along the path.

I called the SF AIDs Needle Pickup Crew (in case you find needles, text them a photo and lcoation at (415) 810-1337) and Michael returned to remove needles for us: always with a big smile :)

Josh, Matt, Mikey and Andrew put in three Agave geminiflora, moved three Yucca elephantipes, and added two Yucca filifera to the north end of the street.

There's more room for additional spiky plants in that area too and in fact I'm ordering some super-tough Yucca aloifolia for that spot which should make a real difference.

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