Monday, December 4, 2017

Volunteer Workday

Great sunny day for the workday this Saturday!  We got so much done too.

I turned the compost, and put a lot of the completed product onto the Mexican marigolds we planted last month. Looking good. I also picked a lot of trash and some needles from PRG, and made two big piles for 311 to take away (yay for the 311 app - makes it so easy to report)

Matt redid the side of the middle back bed by dividing the Agave gypsophylla, adding an Agave ovatifolia, and replanting the Aloe brevofolias there. He also cut the flower stalk off an Agave desmettiana marginata that's absolutely STUFFED with bulbils. We set up 4 flats of bulbils and have lots more to share.

Chris took a long-suffering Brahea edulis (Guadelupe palm) from the far back of the terraces and brought it up to the brights bed where I hope it will go nuts.

He also coppiced a Coprosma and helped me down at PRG by picking trash, weeding, and bringing a lovely Agave angustifolia up to a better spot on the steps.

One sad note was all the dog poop at the garden - I picked up 5 large, fresh piles at PG alone! Who is leaving it?
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