Sunday, February 13, 2022

Mmm, steamy deliciousness

Matt and I went to PG today because WEEDS. I turned the compost and found the two bins we filled to the brim last week had reduced in volume by half as predicted. I turned bin 1 over onto bin 3 and it was steaming hot inside, as you can see from the photo - a sign of active composting on the go. 

I can't explain how satisfying this is - to have pulled weeds and see them composting down in to usable soil for us to use just fulfills something deep within. This article in the Financial Times says it's "...a form of ‘welldoing’ as well as wellbeing" and I have to agree.

Aside from this task, we also pulled weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. In fact we almost filled a bin, though the garden still looks very weedy!

Lots of plants are flowering right now - get out and enjoy them! Here's a pic of the cherry plum flowers, so lovely.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Weeds get whacked - by hand

Our February volunteer day was fantastic! We had a nice crew out there to help get rid of weeds, and they were amazing! Jen, Chris, Bill, Matt, Leslie, John and Joe were joined by Kresh and Kai (superstar mini-weeder in his new gardening gloves!) and while I turned the compost bins, they filled the empty ones really quickly.

I took lots of photos this time, and I'm going to do more Weed Profiles and also asked each volunteer what their most hated weed was. Everyone has one! I'll post that stuff in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, see if you can find these three plants in the garden right now. They're flowering and SCENTED!  Have a sniff - it will change your day. 

They are, from the left, clockwise: Narcissus, Philadelphus, Eriobotrya (Bronze loquat)

Also shown is the before and after shot of the top of the garden where Jen worked her magic and cleaned out SO many weeds. Wow.

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