Monday, March 31, 2014

Bring it on!

Ryan being particular;
that's why he's good at this
In an effort to protect our lovely new signpost at PRG, I ordered some anti-graffiti film to cover the plexiglass face. The hope is that if someone decides to deface our signpost we can just peel off the clear film - it's basically a giant screen protector, like what you have for your cell phone - and ta da no damage to our signpost.

This is a great task for my husband Ryan, so we walked over together and I assisted in the installation. After much misting of the glass with water (essential) and squeegee-ing the film (also essential) the film was mostly bubble free. So graffiti doers, bring it on, our signpost is ready for you!

Come to the workday
and check this mushroom out
Also, you can make your own mark on the garden this coming Saturday April 5th. It's our monthly volunteer workday! So many things need
attending to I can not bring myself to list them all, but there is a wide variety of things to do. If you can make it we'd love to see you at the gardens.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Project Sign

Today at the volunteer day we were ready, at last, for a somewhat momentous event: adding the sign to Pennsylvania Railroad Garden.

We'd explored several options for locally made and artistic sign options, but at the end of the day nothing beats the practicality of a recycled plastic enclosed cork board message center. The one at PG has served us well for years, so a matching one was ordered by me and arrived this week in some very large, heavy packages.

Matt and I dragged them outside today, with tools, and set about assembling the sign. The posts were so long we realized we'd nee to dig two 3' deep holes, so the post hole digger was procured, two 60# bags of concrete, and the digging began.

Emily came down with two lovely new volunteers, Ali and Neda, and along with Nate they picked all the trash from PRG and weeded quite a lot. We all took turns digging the holes, and eventually they reached 3' deep.

Then we positioned the sign int he holes, adjusted it level, and collected up rocks and started adding rocks, concrete and water in the holes around the posts, layer by layer.

Pretty soon it was all done - ta dah!

Another great project completed in 2 hours. Great job everyone. All that remains is to create the signs to go inside the kiosk thanking all our lovely volunteers and grantors.

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