Thursday, December 10, 2020

More pics of our lovely rocks

 Check it out - so happy with how our new rocks look!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Rock your socks off

We got rocks! Yep, our big order from Rice Trucking and Soil Farm in Half Moon Bay was delivered yesterday afternoon. We got 10 big boulders for PRG and two pallet baskets of smaller rocks for PG. About 7 tons total, I’m guessing?

I’d paid for temporary no parking permits and placed them on the street on Wednesday giving the required 72 hour notice that we would be using those 9 spots from 1pm to 3pm Friday. When we arrived on the street at 12.15pm we saw that not one spot was open...

I quickly posted on NextDoor and emailed 2 of the residential buildings to ask them to move their cars. Aditi had saved a spot for us with her car, as had Chris. The paint shop guys moved their van to allow another boulder in, and we scavenged 4 more spots as people came back for their cars. 

How did we get the rest installed? Let’s just say that Francisco the delivery truck driver was very handy with his forklift. So thanks Francisco, and no thanks to all those people who parked despite the signs... you’re lucky you didn’t get towed. 

Today’s volunteer day was great: luckily we had 4 strong guys! Matt, Bill, Josh and Chris got ALL the rocks in both baskets moved and wow - super happy with the results!

We lined the lower pathway, redid the bed at the bottom of the steps with rocks, and put the rest of the rocks up in the top bed (until we can build that properly)

We also cut back the Hakea that was leaning, pruned and propped up a similarly leaning Dodonea, moved a Furcraea, an Agave ghiesbreghtii, some Achilleas and some Puyas. And there’s room to plant some new plants. All in all an extremely  rewarding work day :)

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