Sunday, November 29, 2015

Join Us On Saturday

My Mom, Debbie,
keeping PRG in shape
Please join us on Saturday December 5th for a garden workday! We should get a bit of rain this week, so on Saturday it will be perfect for pulling weeds and getting the garden into shape. If that isn't enough fun, Annie is renting a woodchipper, so come see that in action!

Bill giving the crispy trees
an extra drink
We meetup at Pennsylvania Garden at 10am, and provide all the necessary tools and training. Hope to see you then!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Volunteer day - last week!

I didn't get around to posting about last week's volunteer day, nor did I take any photos, so boo on me! However, lots of jobs were completed from Leslie and her man turning compost, to Matt and co removing dead Salvia and Buddleja from the brights bed and Emily, Debbie and Bill weeding and trash picking at PRG.

This week though, we got pics. Matt and I moved an Agave americana variegata from the front of the left bed to the back of the same bed. It was right in front of the pampas grass by the arch, and in danger of poking folks passing by. Now it's brightening up a spot back between the (revived!) Fuchsia boliviana "alba" and the (currently flowering) Dahlia imperialis. Boom!

Matt also removed the Leucadendron "Safari Goldstrike" which has sadly died in the middle back bed. We're planning to add a big bold Agave to that spot, but need to renovate the rosemary and remove the Tibouchina there too, as I fear it's really, really dead too...

Load of variagated Agave pups by the arch are free for the taking if anyone wants them.
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