Monday, July 16, 2018

Signs are going up

Yesterday I went to the Southern Police Station and picked up some no trespassing signs (MPC 25 for those who need them), which give the police the authority to move trespassers and folks camping in the gardens along.

I also gathered up the "please pick up your dog poop" metal signs I'd ordered a while back, and delivered the whole lot to Gina who agreed to put them up. Thanks Gina!

While I was chatting to Gina we noted places where the boulders get moved and cars park on the garden at PRG - we need more boulders. About 12 very large ones that cannot be moved by hand.

We also noted two occupied encampments, and a guy who pulled over to pee in the bushes (we gave him a talking to...) so the signs are really needed right now. Gina, thank you for putting them up for us - and Aditi for coordinating with your power drill too!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

See something? Do something!

App screen grab
Last night neighbors teamed up to tackle a couple of issues that seem to keep popping up at PRG, namely people parking on the decomposed granite area after actually moving some of the boulders, and the usual homeless encampments...

I got texts from Aditi and Gina separately, both commenting on the issues and wondering how to approach. We all fired off 311 requests using the handy-dandy app - you should totally get it - for the illegally parked car, and a note was left on the windshield.

My request was quickly marked "closed" on the app because the "officer could not validate" that it's illegal to park a car on top of a street park. Um, OK.  A call to 311 is in order.

App screen grab
Next Aditi and Gina met on site, and the police showed up again, and determined the encampment was empty. That means 311 can clean it out. We 311-ed the encampment, and my request was closed within minutes as a duplicate - frustrating, as I have been told the more people who 311, the better.

The police also said they cannot move people along because it's not illegal to be homeless. Thank goodness it's not illegal to be homeless. It is illegal to litter, smoke crack, destroy plants in street parks and set fires though. All of which the homeless encampments have been doing...

It's time to go to the Bayview station to get the no trespassing signs we need to allow enforcement. I just called to verify they have them so it's  a matter of getting there to pick some up. If anyone is nearby (I'm in Pacifica) please let me know!

As the illegally parked car was by now gone, Gina and her boyfriend then moved the boulders back into place (HOW?!) to prevent it happening again. Either Gina and co are superhuman (well, actually, Gina is pretty badass, so...) or we need bigger boulders. I do love boulder shopping (really) so that's an option to explore.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Volunteer day pruning bonanza

I was away the last two weeks, so didn't think we had much time to promote this month's workday. However, a great team joined Matt and I and we accomplished so much: you just never know!

The day turned into quite a pruning exravaganza. Everyone got a crash course in how to prune or cut back various species, and the pile at the top of the garden awaiting pickup is quite huge now.

Gina got stuck in cutting back a lot of dead Chasmanthe leaves in clumps around the garden.

This plant comes up every fall and flowers in winter, which is fabulous as everything else is pretty much dormant then. That makes the work of cutting back the dried up leaves in summer totally bearable, and once removed the garden looks 100% tidier.

Josh spent his time on the front bed, rescuing various Agaves from the weeds and generally being detail oriented and cheerful as usual.

Matt moved some Agave attenuata to widen a path, and pulled scads of weeds, and I cut back almost all the Euphorbia characias in the garden and for the steps mostly weeded too.

Leslie attacked some of the Echiums with verve, removing dead flowers and making the paths more accessible. Matt deadheaded the Echiums in the middle back bed too, and that's made a hugh difference to the garden right away.

Amanda told me she doesn't have much in the way of gardening chops. Disagree! I showed her how to cut back the Romneya coulteri (Matilija Poppy) and she did a perfect job.

Sarah cut back Chasmanthe, then turned to the Blue Potato Bush (Lycianthes rantonnetii) which hasn't had a trim in literally three plus years. Working around the bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) she got the potato bush whipped into shape right quick.

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