Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Rain! It's that time of year.

Our Volunteer Day on Saturday was fine and clear - we had a sprinkle of rain but it wasn't really noticeable.

Chris emptied the middle compost bin and spread the resulting product around the garden. We left the other bins open so they can get a soaking from the rains due this week. He also valiantly weeded what's left of the dried up weeds... who are right this moment charging up for a big flourish of growth thanks to aforementioned rain... *side eye*

Josh weeded the front bed and lots of other areas. I have to say, despite being dry it's looking pretty good. The Chasmanthe have started to sprout and that's always welcome at this time of year.

I cleared up lots of fallen cactus fruits around the front kiosk, and Chris helped by cutting flowers off the Yucca plants, which you can see him holding up in the first photo. Someone has been lopping the tops off the yucca plants to get the flowers - if you see anyone doing that tell them to knock it off! It damages the trees and makes them look ugly for a long time - it's so rude!

Today we're having lots of rain. The GROWTH Project team came by and we weeded the Triangle Garden through showers, and turned the compost which will soon be steaming away merrily. They're making a big impact on the garden, and I can't wait to see what they do next!

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