Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Volunteer day happened and no post?!

The May volunteer day was great - I didn't post about it because the next day our home was burgled and a lot of things stolen. It threw us for a loop, but we are OK.

However, lots got done at the volunteer day so here's a belated post and thank you to everyone who helped! 

First of all Aditi came out to visit which made me very happy. She brought her lovely fluffy pup Coco and we enjoyed a good catch up :)

Next thing that happened was Bill set about cleaning up the lower path. And when Bill sets about something, watch out - that path got cleaned the heck up! Some days I think I would like to clone Bill, though I obviously haven't mentioned this to him because he would think I was literally insane. Don't tell him I said that, OK?

New volunteer Ruth came and showed total spirit in not only attacking the Echium pathway (which went from impassable to impressive) but also in volunteering to help Aditi with some social media plans for PG. Thank you both so much for helping - it's too much for just me! 

As you can see from this pic she is totally up for things - I thought a fun pic would be her jumping for joy after fixing the path and she didn't laugh at me. Good sign!

The tool chest got broken into again - always in a new place - but nothing stolen. So Chris good-naturedly went and got his drill and fixed it. Again. 

I'm pretty sure Chris has had enough of this task, but I hereby declare that if I am ever hit by a bus he can take over decision-making for the tool chest completely and do with it as he pleases, up to and including setting it on fire.

Matt watered the new Cussonias, I weeded a bunch. And lastly John turned the compost, and removed some completed compost and gave it to a hungry tree Aloe. He makes light of this work, but how often do you see me doing it? Answer: never. So I really appreciate that he does it.

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