Monday, January 25, 2021

OK, it's winter now

Today is so very windy, and we're due about an inch of rain tomorrow - cold rain, lashed at us with gusts up to 50mph! The winter so far has been warm and dry, so I'm glad Matt and I got our to the garden last weekend and... you guessed it! We planted some plants.

At the very front of PG at the sidewalk we had put in some Agave angustifolia in a slightly haphazard way. We decided to rearrange them, moving the plain green one to the top of the garden, weeding the area thoroughly, and placing the variegated agaves in a better design. we added two more small ones, as well as 5 Artemisia "Powis Castle" that I propagated last year. A few wood chips for mulch, et voila!

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