Monday, April 20, 2020


Today, Tomas and his helper attacked the weeds at PRG again in a concerted effort to clear the pathway of fennel. Josh organized it all, and the results are amazing.

Last weekend, we had 10 volunteers working for 2 hours - that's 20 person-hours of work. But, you have to understand that for us, volunteer weeding is meant to be fun, so it's not like we crack the whip and work like machines. Well, some of us do ;)

However, Tomas and co are paid, and they started at 8am and worked til 3pm - 2 x 7 hours is 14 person-hours. But they DO work like machines. And they have some serious drive! So they plowed through the weeds and swept and leaf-blowed and raked and made everything gorgeous for us. Wow.

While I was at home sipping tea and eating Welsh cakes, the team weeded the BRCs, and destroyed fennel and other Really Bad Weeds like it was their job. Ahem.  See for yourself!



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