Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Who wants a FREE TREE?!

Our pals at Friends of the Urban Forest let us know that the good people of Potrero Hill haven't taken advantage of an amazing offer they have going on: FREE TREES! I don't know guys - I'd jump on this if I had room!

This just in from Jasmine:

The requests for trees in your neighborhood (Potrero Hill) is low. We are looking for more neighbors to plant trees with us! We have been leaving notes with neighbors and apartment buildings with large sidewalks. We hope that you can meet or talk to some of your neighbors about requesting trees, or reaching out to their landlords.

The FINAL DEADLINE to receive requests for your neighborhood is JANUARY 24, 2018. Forms are available online: or

What you can do to help is:
1. Forward this email to a Potrero Hill list or club you may know
2. Share information about the deadline on
3. Talk to your neighbors

The City is responsible for STREET TREE MAINTENANCE:

Please let me know if you are interested in helping or advocating for a certain block. Thank you!

Jasmine Lim
Community Outreach Manager
Friends of the Urban Forest

So, jump on it - make our Hill an even nicer place to be :)

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