Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's always sunny in Potrero Hill

Today didn't start very sunny, but it became sunny. It's always sunny here, eventually. I went round to John's house early, had a nosey round his garden, and he gave me plants! Good start to the day :)
Then Matt and I went to help the Potrero Hill Garden Club folks plant the "Triangle Garden" above P. Garden. Planted a dozen gallon containers and popped off for lunch. Left, from left to right: Me, Joni and Tally. Photo by Janet C.

After that I toddled back to P. Garden and planted the following, helped by the ever cheerful and hardworking flower gardener Emily, and later by John too! We got a lot done - I do enjoy gardening with these folks.

Lilliums (several)
Scilla bulbs (hundreds - along the steps)
Daffodils (dozens)
Astelia - one massive clump of silvery goodness (from John - below left)
Lavendula (Lavender) - a mystery plant left in a trash bag at the garden this week
Opuntia - a big cutting
Phormium - big, red, happy and spiky (from John - above left)
Phormium - small, multicolored one all shriveled up and desperate for love, rescued from a bad situation
Verbena bonariensis (Tall Verbena) from John
And despite all that I am still behind in planting stuff. Ack! I may have to call a moratorium on plant donations until I am caught up.
In other news Kepa and Steve came by and I gave Kepa one of Dino and Jason's apple trees from last week. Then I saw Dino and also Gary and we had some nice chats. A guy called (I think) JC dropped by to give compliments and a $5 donation. Thanks!

And hey look! The ginger is flowering! I can ID it now - Hedychium gardnerianum (Kahili Ginger) It smells delicious, and it has two fat new shoots. I might move it closer to the front of the bed for next year so everyone can smell it

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