Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SF False Pre-Spring

Over the weekend I noticed a ton of new growth in the garden! Much of the growth is just plants freaking out because of, what I like to call, 'False Pre-Spring.' You may call it by other names, like the 'Pre-Fog Season', but we really don't have what FEELS like Winter or Spring in SF, and the plants sense this too, and start doing all sorts of wonderful things in February, during the dead of Winter.

Here is my False Pre-Spring photo essay, exhibits 1-5.

1. Daffodil bloom
2. Flowering Trees (shown is Cherry Plum, Prunus Cerasifera)
3. Spring Tubers/Bulbs going like ganbusters (shown is an Anemone)
4. Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus) takeover of nearby trellis
5. Herbaceous Perennials in flower (shown is Knautia Macedonia, in non-whacky climates it flowers July-Sept)


  1. Beautiful daffs! Can't wait to see mine. :)

  2. When are you expecting them Rebecca?

  3. We have been talking over the advisibility of moving to CA. Here it is snowing steadily.


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