Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's get started

Rob, Matt and I (residents of 1025 17th st) met with several DPW people on February 10th to discuss the mess that is the Pennsylvania Ave/17th st area.
Main points:

1. This street is "unaccepted" (not maintained by the city) but may become "accepted" (and therefore cleaned and resurfaced) if we contact the right people and pressure them a bit. Not sure yet who to contact.

2. In the meantime Mohammed Nuru of DPW authorized removal of broken fence and guardrails, and a work crew to remove weeds. He will put in a kerb (an aspahlt one is free, a concrete one is $$$$) and fill potholes, then we can plant up the edge with noise reducing plants like trees.

Matt and I will create a scale drawing for him this weekend of our proposed planting areas, which he suggested should include "green islands" sticking out from the kerb every 12 cars' width, and the bottom corner too. This will provide visibility for law enforcement and neighbors to prevent further dumping. Rob has connections who may be able to expand on Matt's drawings at a later date.

3. They also agreed to place signs about illegal dumping, which they will provide. I'm afraid we didn't have time to discuss stop signs, speed bumps or Caltrain-horn-shushing ideas.

4. The side opposite the tracks is the responsibility of business owners there. Rob says the Dorsett Jackson people will help. We need to contact Fregosi, Angotti-Reilly and Hilti to ask for their support in improving this area with a proper sidewalk.

5. I have learned from my experiences working with DPW, Caltrans and SFPT that community involvement is vital. They will support a project if the community turns up and shows support and a commitment to see it through. When we have a work day to clean up weeds, we need to try and get as many of our neighbors and businesses involved as possible. Apparently the key to that is free doughnuts and coffee ;)

6. It costs $150 to get a permit for a block party. The Arts Commission will grant $2500 to pay for a party. I think we should have a block party! We could sell... food? and can use funds generated to landscape the green areas and pay for trees.

Any input or comments?

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