Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prep work

In order to prepare for the plant sale today I decided to organize the back area by the tool shed. Matt and I potted a load of plants donated to us, cleared out some old Euphorbia cacti that were not looking good and noticed that last night someone went through and stole a potted Aeonium/succulent garden, and tore an Agave parryi right out of the ground.

Must have happened while I was asleep, as I saw them there last night and stayed til dark, Lame.

Went out again to pot up some Cannas for the sale. Leah was there and on a pruning frenzy! Many plants are now looking a lot smaller than before ;)

I got the Cannas potted (photo bottom) and took a before and after shot of a Salvia that Leah pruned (photos top, middle).  I also planted a section of Tree Dahlia at the base of the original one - hope it creates a nice grove of them next year.

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