Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gnashing of teeth!

Today we had lots to do in the garden. Weeds abound, and lots of plants needed to be rearranged, potted up, and otherwise fussed over.

First I went to see Jo, who gave me Aloe arborescens and Aeonium cuttings, and an Agave attenuata pup! I was almost late due to chatting with Alison, Rick and the world's most enthusiastic dog, Peekaboo.

I got back to the garden and met a lady called Jackie her dog. She made a point of telling me that she always picks up her dog poop, and often other people's too. I thought "how nice... and this is not the first time someone has impressed on my how responsible they are regarding dog poop..."

Max came by and asked to be put to work. I gave him a sharp tool and let him loose on the Cannas, which he cut down really quickly. Next he cleared the bed behind the Wrong Way sign of evil baby Nasturtiums. Thanks Max!

While he was doing that a really nice lady whose name is Juana asked what was up with the sign. What sign? Why this sign taped to the poop bag dispenser at the top! (left) Oh my. Someone is really annoyed by dog poop - a dog owner no less. Don't read it if you are sensitive! I pondered what to do with the sign. I do appreciate the sentiment (some people don't pick up - is is nasty) but worried people might think I put it there. And it's not very friendly.

I left it up til the afternoon, and speaking to Jim found out this is version 2 of the sign - another one was posted several days ago. OK, so I think by now everyone has seen it, so I removed it. Sign posting person, thanks for trying to make the garden nicer for everyone - I appreciate the effort.

In the meantime Matt was busy in the Aloe area of the succulent slope, having moved a specimen from the middle back bed. We added Aptenia cordifolia from Leah as groundcover all around, and weeded a lot. We also moved a Crassula erosula "Campfire", Aloe glauca (Blue Aloe), Sedum nevii "Silver Frost" and Aeonium around in the middle back bed (photo top), moved the Salvia "Anthony Parker" to the red bed, and a clump of Hemerocallis (Daylily) to where it was, and potted up about 20 Aster "Bill's Big Blue" for the sale, as well as two roses.

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