Sunday, February 7, 2010

Further diggings

Today Matt and I set out to remove some conifers that I planted a year ago, and which didn't prove to be as drought tolerant as I'd hoped. I figure they can go in the plant sale and find better homes.

We removed them from the area by the Brugmansia (all 5 of them) and potted them. We replaced them with two ornamental grasses (what kind, you ask? Miscanthus.... um... can't remember. Time will tell!), moved 2 ivory-colored Gazanias from behind the Wrong Way sign, moved the Yucca "Garland's Gold" out from under the Coprosma x Kirkii "Variegata," and brought John's deep burgundy Phormium to the front of the Brugmansia. The whole effect is a lot better, I think, and now, instead of having a conifer area we have an ornamental grass area - trendy!

We also moved a Hakea suaveolens (Sweet Hakea) a couple meters so it's not fighting with the Brugmansia.

We got an Aloe striata donated by Anita today - yippee! Got to find it a good spot. Also on the donations tip we got a watering can (yay!), and a bag of compost from Brad - thanks! Max and his friend-whose-name-might-have-been-Eric dropped by and we enjoyed the idea that it is Superbowl Sunday and the streets are nice and quiet. Sorry, I'm not good at names. I'm just not. Sorry.

I prepared three flats of the useful succulent ground cover Aptenia cordifolia from Leah. She gave us so much I could have made 15 flats, but I ran out of containers! We also moved an Opuntia from under the variagated Echium along with a lot of Sedum rubrotinctum ground cover. They went on the cactus wall, in a spot we made after removing a couple Agave americanas. I got covered in tiny glochids - the spines these Opuntias are covered in. Ouch!

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