Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camera shy? Me?

Today we had NENtv filming a segment about the garden, and it was fun!

Matt, Emily and I spent some time cleaning up the garden (weeding paths and removing flags) then I spent some time in front of the camera trying to think of clever and insightful things to say, and probably failing. Nerve-wracking!

I was followed by Emily and then Matt. After that, Ron and Tank who happened by were interviewed about the beautiful arch Ron built us. Adam and Alex from NENtv wanted to know if they could get a high up view of the garden by accessing a building across the street. Just so happens Sage and Barbara live there, and they are friends of P. Garden, and they kindly let the guys on their roof deck. Sage also got some camera time himself.

In the meantime, a couple of projects: Emily planted an Erysimum menzieii ssp. concinnum (wallflower) in the left bed, and Matt and I were ably assisted by our new friend Craig in moving bricks from behind the bench, and rebuilding the decrepit twig weaving around the front of the left bed. Matt weeded too, and when we were done the area looked very clean and tidy (see pic above). I hope we didn't put Craig off gardening for life - he did get a little dirty!

At that point I realized I was supposed to be in Brentwood and quickly packed up and ran off, while the guys went to film Gary (and hopefully Annelle too!)

Altogether a very fun day - thanks Adam and Alex from NENtv, and thanks to all my charming, outgoing, camera-loving garden friends for putting up with it all!


  1. When do we get to see this thrilling episode? There's nothing like inviting the whole world in to help one focus on pulling weeds! Had a look at NEN's website--a Good Thing.

  2. Not sure when it'll be available but you can be sure I will post it here when it is!


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