Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gary and Annelle tell me they often have lunch in the garden. So do I, and a few other people - pretty soon we're going to need another bench, Gary... ;) Anyway, when Gary and Annelle eat in the garden they leave a sign on their door to tell customers where to find them (left) which I thought was cute.

We don't have a trash can by the bench for the same reason you rarely find them in city-run parks: they require emptying, they attract wasps, they smell and they're just too much work. So far most people have been very good about taking their trash with them, although I think a nice sign reminding people to respect the area wouldn't go amiss.

Another thing that's cute right no is the Arctotis "Peachy Mango" by the Wrong Way sign (another mislabeled Arctotis? The colors seem dark!), as well as the Geraniums and Corn Marigolds that are filling in that area fast, making a nice lush green area and choking out the weeds. A few leftover Gaillardias add to the color quotient. It's a very hot, dry area with shallow dirt so if anyone can make a go of it there, these guys can. Good luck, kids!

Last night Matt and I went to eat at Goat Hill Pizza in support of the Starr King Openspace donation mentioned in the previous post. The place was packed! Hope they got lots of donations.

Oh, almost forgot to add - this morning there was a new mystery plant in the cactus wall bed. Very pretty succulent with silvery, heart-shaped leaves. Thanks, whoever left it!

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