Thursday, February 4, 2010

New tee-shirt design debuts!

Those of you out there on the intarwebnets who like to wear clothes (anyone?) will be fascinated to hear that I have recently created a new essential item of apparel that will appeal to a) gardeners, b) people who like trowels, c) people who feel guilty because they want to help P. Garden but they don't really like weeding and just can't make it to volunteer days, and d) people who either like clothes or are just a bit cold right now.

So - that's almost everyone in the world! gives us $5 for every "trowel and error" item sold, and I hope this will fund the information kiosk I'd like to put up in the garden, or some other useful item. I think it's rather tasteful and sure to appeal to the stylish garden-liker, if I do say so myself. The idea for the text came from my mum, so thanks for that!

If you want to see the first design, it's still available: "runs with pruners" is pretty edgy. Wear at your own risk!

P.S. it comes in garden-appropriate mud tones too!

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