Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Windy evening

Popped out for a bit of twig weaving tonight - all my current branches are used up and it made about 4 yards along the Canna bed. I need enough to do the rest of that strip, up to the dog waste tub, and along the back of the "red bed" (top strip). Then I can rest. I think the beds close to the slope can wait as people don't often walk down there.

I planted two Helichrysum petiolare "Lemon Licorice" next to a dark Phormium, and I think it looks quite fetching (above).

Finally I potted up some Aster seedlings in the house. OK, they're supposed to be Asters... but, are they?* The seeds came from a friend in Tasmania. As you can see above they sprouted really well, and I'm all out of pots to accommodate them, after potting about 20 of them! Perhaps I can trade the leftovers for something else with a Craigslister...

That's all!

* Yes, apparently they are, according to Google images. (Callistephus chinensis)

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