Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quiet Sunday

On Sunday we planned to simply water for the week. So we got up and watered. Weeded. Collected a few Arctotis seeds. Nothing strenuous.

Then I got an email from Alison - would I like some Jade Plants, already dug up, and delivered? Shockingly lazy person that I am, of course I said yes (perfect for the back slope's succulent garden).

We went to the barn and on the way home had a hankering to see what was cheap and cheerful at Lowes. Matt wanted some Lantanas, too. Anyway, by some devious means they are able to produce 4" pots of useful stuff for about $2.50... Here's what we could not turn down:

- 4 Lantana camera (Lantana - red/orange/yellow)
- 1 Lantana camera (Lantana - purple)
- 1 Senecio kleiniiformis
- 2 Thymus praecox "Pink Chintz" (Thyme)
- 2 Cosmos bipinnatus (Cosmos)

Thyme for the steps, Lantanas for the wine barrel planters, Cosmos for the big middle bed, and so on. More holes to dig...!

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