Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More drama

This morning as I was scrambling out the door to work I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of three Caltrans workers with shovels, digging enthusiastically in the borders. I hurried over and tried really hard to get my message ("what the Heck are you Doing in Our Garden!") across without actually saying those words.

I talk to Ricky, who was nice. They are digging up the bubblers (pipes installed a long time ago) and attaching 4 sprinklers. Ricky says he has heard I don't want sprinklers, and I mention to him about the, you know, drought we're having...? and the, you know, wastefulness of sprinklers?

I call Ricky's boss again, twice. Leave message. Again. I try to sound un-frantic. I probably fail. I have to go to work... argh... Nice Ricky is digging up daffodil bulbs... *sob*

I get to work and Jack, Ricky's boss calls back. Apparently, all this is in order to test a new satellite-controlled sprinkler system for the city. They tried to test it on the "triangle" (by the bus stop) above the "circle" (P. Garden) but it wasn't a big enough area. They need to be able to see the sprinklers sprinkling, 3 times a week. If I hate the sprinklers they will remove them after the test (of unknown duration) but in the meantime, suck it up, buttercup!

I tell Jack that some plants will actually die if they get sprinkled that much - cacti etc. He says he'll call the guys to tell them. He's really nice too. I can tell he things I'm nuts, but it's OK. He says the guys are not supposed to be digging up plants. He says the garden is really pretty :)

Gary calls and says he will keep an eye on things. So I am stuck at work til lunchtime, when I will dash home to see... the aftermath.


Went home at lunchtime. The guys had uncovered about a dozen bubblers. The garden flooded in some areas. I asked them to add a sprinkler under one of the cherry trees (hey, might as well...) and as I saw them leave the sprinklers were all running full blast in the hot sun (burned plants anyone?) - even on areas with cacti. *sigh*

They said they'll put the sprinklers on at about 1am for 20 mins, about 3 times a week. I'm not sure what use it will be having the leaves sprayed and the water not penetrating the mulch. We'll see!

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