Saturday, June 6, 2009

Steps, part deux

Today we finished the steps. I put black plastic under the bricks, and finished bricking the whole stairway. Gary cut off the one bit of rebar that was sticking up. It's done! Phew.

Joan dropped by and we had a lovely chat. If we had our bench done we could have chatted all day!

We also planted some plants that had been waiting:

- 4 Yucca flaccida "Garland's Gold" in one huge pot, from John
- 1 Doryanthes palmeri (Spear Lily) - John again
- 1 Campanula portenschlagiana (Dalmation Bellflower) "Get Mee" from my lovely friend Lise.
1 Bougainvillea - a nice golden yellow-colored one.

Quick watering for this week's new plants, and we are done. Now, what shall we plant by the steps...?


  1. Pas a mal idea! I have two white ones that are unhappy being fried under a cherry tree right now. I'll rescue them.


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