Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water, water everywhere...

Last night I needed a break from the rat race, so I went to the garden and sat in the corner, hugging myself and rocking back and forth.

Not really. But I felt like it!

Instead I did a bit of twig weaving - at least, until my twine ran out. I love twig weaving... it's crafty, it's recycling, it's quick and easy and relaxing and it protects the plants. Awww.

I met some neighbors from down the street - Molly and Steve. Molly is going to water the sunflowers! Happy little sunflowers - they have been soldiering on in the desert down at Mariposa, but she's going to give 'em some love. Thanks Molly! She even had photos of her own plants on her phone. See, I'm not the only one who does that. Though it did take a full 24 hours for me to realise some people would think that was odd.

This morning Caltrans were back at the garden, poised for more mischief. As I was late for work (again) and running perilously low on patience, I marched over and told them what to do Very Clearly. Gave them my card. Told them to tell their boss to call me. Waggled my finger at them so they would know I meant it. Strutted away before they could argue. Left a snappish message for the boss man. Hiss! Spit!

Their boss called when I got to work, and took my directives quite well, considering I'm nobody and he "owns" the land (!) So when I get home I expect those sprinklers that they put in in the middle of paths to be gone. And the flooded part in front of the middle beds to be dry. Or... else!

I'm doing a few breathing exercises to prepare me... and going to get some branches with John tonight... must buy more twine....

Update: John kindly helped get 3 truckloads of branches. All my wildest twig-weaving fantasies come true! I also noticed Leah had been by with some plant and branch donations. Thanks guys! I'd better get busy this weekend taking care of those things.

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