Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cactus show, and more

Today we went to the San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society show in Golden Gate Park. Matt decided to get some tiny succulents for his vertical garden project, and I got some small ground cover-ish things:

Sedum nevii "Silver Frost"
Sedum makinoi (Golden Japanese Sedum)
Senecio haworthii
Senecio mandraliscae

The we went and planted them. I also sprayed the white rose for blackspot, trimmed and weeded and poked around in general. Right after we got really hungry and were about to leave, Leah dropped by, with planty donations! Oh, I felt so bad leaving her but we had to go... we left her, guiltily, pruning away. Thanks Leah!

Later that evening, I transplanted 16 Asters that I grew from seed into 4" pots, and we watered the whole garden. Matt planted 7-8 clumps of creeping thyme, and some Sisyrinchium californicum (Yellow-Eyed Grass) by the steps and I prepped the two big Yucca cuttings to be ready to plant inside by removing all the lower leaves.

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