Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yet another scorcher...

Hot again today so I stayed indoors and potted up about 60 Asters (Callistephus chinensis) ... I made the mistake of planting several seeds per cell in the flat, thinking some might fail, and of course the damn things all came up. So being a person who hates waste, and is a bit soft-hearted to boot, I had to spend hours carefully separating out the roots of each little seedling and potting them all up in individual cells, instead of just yanking out the weaklings and throwing them away. I now have 136 individual Asters!

I'll take some to the plant swap next month to exchange for something... else... and the rest can grow on for the garden, and to sell at the Garden Tour in September.

I need to propagate something else for that sale too - any suggestions?

I'm going to a bit later to water the areas that the sprinklers missed... Matt watered the sunflowers today, too.

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